Ria Rebell

Delightful rebel, latex loving wildcat, master of staging

With a touch of cool arrogance and depraved attraction, I will rob you of your senses for certain moments and drive you to the brink of madness. Behind my charming charisma hides pure sensuality coupled with sadistic fantasies, which are so immoral that I sometimes do not believe it myself. I have always loved to polarize with my actions, in that I do not permanently satisfy the conventions and subordinate myself to the morals at most outwardly. I go through life with curiosity to always gain new perspectives and am always looking for a certain thrill. So it was only a matter of time for me to explore the dark stage of BDSM.   

Consider my preferences and then imagine the unimaginable!  


Role Playing
My ingenuity allows me to reinvent myself in a different way every time. Therefore, playing with different characters is for me a creative journey into your bizarre dreams, with a passion for the extraordinary. As your perverted nurse, strict teacher, your sadistic doctor or uncompromising boss. In role play of any kind I will become your bizarre temptation of which you could only dream so far. We can also play a game according to your ideas, if it coincides with my passion, but you will serve me exclusively for my amusement! Let's see if you are even ready to be dominated by the weapons of female passion?

Wearing latex is a wonderful feeling. This noble looking material is the center of attention for you? You long to soak up the smell when sweat mixes with latex in your nose? You enjoy the pleasure of being completely covered in shiny rubber, even in several layers? Then come and visit me in our Latex Suite, which makes the heart of every rubber lover beat faster! Whether tubing in the sacophagus, vacuum lust in the Vakuphag, I know to bring you around your mind! Not only rubber fetishists will enjoy their treatment. Also as a defenseless, masked rubber doll, as a usable rubber whore in imaginative latex role-playing games or as a masked slut you can put yourself under my care. Under which of our countless (system) masks would you like to be led to the edge of breathlessness?

Like a second skin, this noble material also nestles around my slender, attractive body. In the skin-tight catsuit you will not be able to resist me and will surrender to your latex lust.

My therapeutic methods are as diverse as your bizarre ailments. A good knowledge of anatomy and a certain confidence in the use of medical terminology, as well as anamnesis and treatment methods enable me to find an individual and effective healing method for each patient. Of course, in addition to medical procedures, gentle introductory consultations are also available. My special preference is the realization of realistic scenarios of white eroticism, bizarre role-playing including appropriately authetic clothing. Military oriented patterning up to sexual psychological therapy sessions are also possible. Exceptional forms of treatment and examination equipment are also used. 

The SM world and that of the bizarre is for me not only associated with sadism and pain. Fetishes and a certain sensuality also play a role for me. I have a weakness for skin-tight latex outfits and high heels. As a foot fetishist, small (Gr.37) well-groomed feet with all-time painted nails await you. Will your desire be awakened when I stretch my stockinged foot towards you and I make you my foot servant? Or should I better let you crawl on the leash on all fours behind me, so that you only have my heels and my never-ending legs in view?


As a beginner, you will be subtly introduced by me to your passion. I'll show you your place! Let me surprise you and take you on a bizarre journey, because I love to chase you for my life in new realms. Your preferences are first of all an inspiration for me. But think well, with me there is no final destination! Only stopovers. Your taboos remain untouchable for me! I attach great importance to pre- and post-talks, because I am interested in your inclinations and yes often a kind of self-discovery takes place, in which I lead you to your limits and we expand them together.

So are you ready for true height (180cm)??

Appointment required!